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SPL BMW G2X Front Lower Control Arms

SPL BMW G2X Front Lower Control Arms

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The SPL BMW G2X Front Lower Control Arms (FLCA) provide roll center, camber, and track width adjustment for the G2X BMWs (M340i, M440i, etc) while eliminating bushing deflection resulting in sharpened steering response and driving precision.

The ability to run more negative camber and a slightly wider track width greatly improves the peak lateral grip available. This is especially important with better tires and a must-have for anyone looking to prevent excessive outer shoulder wear (and heating) on their tires due to a lack of camber.

The lower control arms come with a ride height sensor bracket to maintain factory ride height sensor location, regardless of length of the arm to keep those finicky BMW chassis electronics happy.


  • Adjustable Camber, Roll Center, and Track Width

  • Eliminates Bushing Deflection

  • Improved Tire Life with Ideal Camber Settings

  • Lightweight, High-Strength Construction

  • Stackable 304SS Roll Center Spacers in 1/8" and 1/4" Sizes

  • US Made, PTFE Lined FK Rod Ends 


  • 6061-T6 aluminum black anodized arm, clamps, and spacers

  • 4130 CrMo electroless nickel plated double adjuster

  • Ti6Al4V titanium socket head cap screws

  • 304 stainless steel roll center and knuckle spacer

  • 5/8" 4140 CrMo stud

  • FK PTFE-lined spherical bearings (F1 spec, self-cleaning)

Suitable for all uses, from daily driver to race car.


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Confirmed Applications

2019+ BMW 330i / 340i / M340i (G20)

2021+ BMW 430i / 440i / M440i (G22)

We haven't been able to confirm fitment on the xDrive (AWD) models yet.

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SPL FLCA G2X Instructions

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